Paleo Recipes

  • Lemongrass, Chile and Coconut Milk Shrimp

    Lemongrass, Chile and Coconut Milk Shrimp

    Chuck out all your preconceptions and prejudices about this dish, this one’s an absolute winner. The Enchanted Cook’s Lemongrass, Chilli and Coconut Milk Shrimp incorporate chopped lemongrass, shallots, jalapenos, ginger, garlic, and lime. It’s easy to make and will add a touch of sophistication to your next backyard barbeque.

  • Asian-Style Beef Short Ribs

    Asian-Style Beef Short Ribs

    Thought ribs were way too unhealthy? Think again. These Asia-Style Beef Short Ribs are nothing short of spectacular. Inspired by a New Orleans meal, the lip and finger-licking ingredients include shiitake mushroom, orange, ginger and coconut. Grab yourself some grass-fed beef ribs for best results and a greater dose of those all-important omega-3s too.  

  • Stuffed Sweet Potato Pasta

    Stuffed Sweet Potato Pasta

    Sweet potato made sweeter still, Stuffed Sweet Potato Pasta is bursting with color and flavor thanks to an array of wholesome goodies such as pepper, spinach, apple and onion. For meat lovers, add some cooked slices of bacon too. Simple to prepare, and simple to cook, in less than fifteen minutes you’ll be munching down a steaming, sweet treat.

  • Sweet Pulled Pork Waffle Sliders

    Sweet Pulled Pork Waffle Sliders

    Shredded and succulent, these mouth-watering Sweet Pulled Pork Waffle Sliders are sweetened further with an indulgent layer of mayo. Take the likes of sliced onion, chopped bacon, spices, pickles and chives, and wrap in waffle buns along with that meat that has cooked so slowly it simply falls apart then melts on your tongue.

  • Sriracha BBQ Sloppy Joe Fries

    Sriracha BBQ Sloppy Joe Fries

    Impress your pals come game day with these nacho-inspired Siracha BBQ Sloppy Joe Fries. The delicious, protein-packed recipe sees a host of goodies such as beef, teriyaki sauce, sliced onion and shredded cheddar cheese chucked over steaming waffle-cut French fries. We recommended washing that down with a bottle or two of ice cold suds.