• Cake Kalk& Electric Motorcycle

    Cake Kalk& Electric Motorcycle

    The Kalk& (“Kalkand”) is the street legal version of Cake’s electric dirt bike. It’s a city motorcycle that you can also use to conquer trails. It weighs just 173lb thanks to its aluminum frame and is nearly silent. It lasts up to 53mi per charge and has a top speed of 56mph. It has three riding modes, three brake modes, and all LED lighting.

  • Indian Motorcycle FTR 1200 Artist Series

    Indian Motorcycle FTR 1200 Artist Series

    Five renowned artists such as skateboard icon Steve Callabero and graffiti legend, RISK, have lent their talents to produce the Indian Motorcycle FTR 1200 Artist Series. It’s a strictly limited edition (just one hundred each) run of decorated tank covers that promise to make said cool motorcycle, cooler still with diverse designs that range from street art to the abstract.

  • Indian Motorcycle x Jack Daniel’s Dark Horse

    Indian Motorcycle x Jack Daniel’s Dark Horse

    What could possibly ooze any more American cool than a beast of a bike tastefully embossed with the world’s most famous sour mash beverage? Introducing the fourth and most awesome incarnation of the Indian Motorcycle x Jack Daniel’s Dark Horse, strictly limited of course, and featuring treats like 12-inch mid-rise ape-hanger handlebars and LED lighting and powered by a 116-cubic-inch Thunder Stroke engine.

  • 2019 Honda Monkey

    2019 Honda Monkey

    The super stylish 2019 Honda Monkey is bags of fun. Inspired by the iconic Z50 and powered by the Grom’s 125cc air-cooled single engine, it’s ideal for daily commuting or to chuck on the back of a motorhome for some far-flung wind in your hair adventures. It’s yours in an eye-catching choice of Banana Yellow or Pearl Nebula Red.

  • Indian FTR 1200

    Indian FTR 1200

    The Indian FTR 1200 brings the track to the streets. You’ll feel invincible as you cruise down the road in this rugged, yet elegant bike. It is designed to be quick and agile but has the heavy duty feel of a quality bike. It comes with 120 horsepower, flat track Dunlop tires, Brembo brakes, and a 1203 CC V-Twin engine. You’ll be in control of any road you take the FTR 1200 on and enjoy the world-class handling. It has …cotinue reading

  • Polaris Slingshot Grand Touring

    Polaris Slingshot Grand Touring

    The glorious Polaris Slingshot Grand Touring promises to put a smile not only on your face, but all those that you pass on the highways. The fun-filled vehicle is bursting with all manner of goodies to make those road trips even more memorable, and comfortable, with zero stress–think quilted seats and multi-touch display system with turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

  • Moto Guzzi V7 III Carbon

    Moto Guzzi V7 III Carbon

    Combining authentic V7 style with prestigious and modern carbon fiber components, the Moto Guzzi V7 III Carbon is built in limited edition and serially numbered. Featuring shortened sleek fenders and side fairing that is paired with its matte black and red accents, it has a one-of-a-kind appearance. The saddle is made from water repellent Alcantara, a weather-resistant material that’s ideal for outdoor use. A truly gorgeous specimen, there are only 1921 V7 III Carbon motocycles in existence. Will you own …cotinue reading

  • Limited Edition RE Classic 500 Pegasus

    Limited Edition RE Classic 500 Pegasus

    ‘If you are obsessively into vintage bikes, the Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus Edition, which aims to take after the World War II bike, the RE/WD 125 (romanticized as the ‘Flying Flea’), is one you should check out. RE/WD 125s were popular during the war as they were light enough to be carried on the shoulders when the terrain was unforgiving to ride over. The RE Classic 500 Pegasus will have the canvas panniers and tank badges of the ‘Flying …cotinue reading

  • Slingshot Grand Touring LE

    Slingshot Grand Touring LE

    Looking like the offspring of Bumblebee and the Batmobile, the Slingshot Grand Touring LE simply oozes mischief. It can be built, bespoke to order offering key features like gullwing doors, quilted seats, matte metallic paint finish, a multimedia infotainment center while offering the power of 173 rampaging stallions–with just as much breeze through your hair.

  • Zero S Electric Motorcycle

    Zero S Electric Motorcycle

    Made for pure performance, the Zero S Electric Motorcycle strips away noise, fumes, and vibration to deliver a smooth, uninterrupted ride flow. Powered by the industry’s most advanced technology, the Z-Force powertrain propels you forward at the twist of a throttle with pure torque. Stunningly sporty, with sharp lines and sleek curves, the Zero S is ready to transform your ride into a thrill.