• LightCore Arcade Light Switch

    LightCore Arcade Light Switch

    Add a touch of retro gaming to your wall with LightCore’s arcade style light switch. It works with rocker or paddle switches. All you need to do is remove the existing wallplate and install the Arcade switch. It comes in black or white, while the buttons come in a variety of colors.

  • LumiCharge Smart Desk Lamp

    LumiCharge Smart Desk Lamp

    Tabletop illumination that does it all, “smart” doesn’t do the handsome LumiCharge Smart Desktop Lamp justice. LED lighting with touch sensitive lighting modes and colors, it also boasts a docking station, USB ports and a display that tells you the time, the date and the temperature. It’s so modern it may have been sent from the future.

  • PAER Floating Light Bulb

    PAER Floating Light Bulb

    Even without the seemingly magical angle, the PAER Floating Light Bulb is a beautifully designed home accessory. Available with a black, rose gold or silver stem that protrudes from an oak base, thanks to the power of magnetism, the wireless light bulb hangs seemingly suspended in mid-air, and, what’s more, its energy saving credentials mean it’s good for up to 50,000 hours of illumination.

  • Dyson Lightcycle

    Dyson Lightcycle

    Another revolutionary offering from this most lauded of appliance brands, the Dyson Lightcycle is a gorgeous, minimalist desk or floor lamp that chucks out 1,000 lux brightness backed by glare protection and low optical flicker. It automatically adjusts its color temperature and brightness throughout the day for optimum environmental comfort and zero eye strain.

  • BenQ e-Reading Lamp

    BenQ e-Reading Lamp

    Our new favorite desk light here at GearCulture Towers, the BenQ e-Reading Lamp is seriously smart illumination. Revolutionizing the traditional desk lamp, it’s the first designed specifically for browsing digital screens, throwing out a 150% wider illumination range that eliminates glare, while the built-in sensor automatically delivers the best light–or choose to set the tone yourself with the simple twist of a knob.

  • Eve Light Strip

    Eve Light Strip

    Smart–as in clever and stylish–illumination, the Eve Light Strip extends to nearly 33 feet, enabling you to create your very own color schemes courtesy of the Eve app. The length of lighting throws out 1,800 lumens across just a couple of meters courtesy of some white and colored LEDs, which can also be activated by the separately sold Eve Light Switch.

  • Casper Glow Light

    Casper Glow Light

    Sleep easy with the Casper Glow Light, a soothing glow that helps you wind down rather than wake up–though it will help with that too! The bedside lamp sports a built-in gyroscope that enables you to set the mood with a twist, while smart settings allow it to dim as you drift off to slumber and gradually glow like sunlight in the morning so that you rise feeling utterly refreshed.

  • Orro Smart Light Switch

    Orro Smart Light Switch

    Save on your energy bills and create a cozy home environment with the Orro Smart Light Switch, a system that learns your habits and your illumination preferences. The switch automatically lights up a room as you enter, and kills the light as you leave, and is so clever it even adjusts to natural levels to synch with your natural circadian rhythm.

  • UMA Sound Lantern

    UMA Sound Lantern

    This doesn’t just drag the traditional, portable lantern into the 21st century, it nearly propels it into the next. The UMA Sound Lantern is a wonderfully art-like offering that merges high-tech Warm Din LED smarts with 360-degree high-fidelity sound for the ultimate in sensory stimulation. Touch sensitive volume control and Bluetooth connectivity are other highlights of this gadget that can be enjoyed indoors and out.

  • Midnight Oil – LED Oil Lamp

    Midnight Oil – LED Oil Lamp

    Riffing on the classic oil lamp shape that usually cradles a warming flame, the rechargeable Midnight Oil LED Oil Lamp houses an LED light that recreates that flicker without the fire hazard. Seriously cool illumination for your desk or bedside that’s just as mesmerizing and soothing as the real thing.