Interior & Exterior

  • Kwikset Kevo

    Kwikset Kevo

    A no hassle, no fuss solution to home access and security, Kevo enables you to unlock your front door via your smartphone with the option to even send an electronic key to a friend or family member too. Even those without a smartphone can get in on the action with the Kevo Fob which offers exactly the same touch technology.

  • Pop-Up Fire Pit

    Pop-Up Fire Pit

    No matter the season–or the temperature–there’s few more comforting ways of cooking or relaxing than kicking back with loved ones around a campfire. It just got a whole lot easier thanks to this handsome Pop-Up Fire Pit, a no-fuss easy to erect and collapse, highly portable flame container that weighs just 8lbs but can hold more than 15 times its own weight.

  • Ooni Koda Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

    Ooni Koda Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

    Ensure your backyards the hippest–and most popular–in the neighborhood with the awesome Ooni Koda Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven. The super stylish little gizmo looks as if it could blast off into space, but instead blasts your pizza to perfection in as little as a minute thanks to its 932-degree capacity.

  • Smart Home Control Hub

    Smart Home Control Hub

    Those who fear their digital addiction is ever-separating them from the natural world should feast their peepers on the Smart Home Control Hub, essentially an internet-connected length of lumber. The tongue-in-cheek design hides a touch sensitive interface that acts as a control center for all your home’s connected appliances while also being able to receive and display messages. It’s equipped with a voice command microphone–but alas does lack a speaker, so queries are answered by way of text.

  • Orbit B-hyve Smart Faucet Timer

    Orbit B-hyve Smart Faucet Timer

    Don’t be a drip, do your prize plants and the environment a favor with the Orbit B-hyve Smart Faucet Timer. Promising to save water and money, the intelligent faucet sends data to your phone, allowing you to track usage along with the likes of weather conditions. Set up timers and multiple hoses from one hub–and even voice activate it.

  • Philips Hue Calla Outdoor Pathway Light

    Philips Hue Calla Outdoor Pathway Light

    Tastefully illuminate darkened routes and recesses around your home with the Philips Hue Calla Outdoor Pathway Light. The dusk to dawn, easy to install bulb is Alexa-friendly and incorporates all shades of white plus an astonishing 16 million colors meaning though the possibilities are not quite literally endless, they’re as good as.

  • Eva Solo Bird Box

    Eva Solo Bird Box

    Give something nice to the wildlife with the Eva Solo Bird Box. This elegant bird shelter offers protection from heat, frost, wind, and rain with a combination of ceramic and plastic. The design features a glossy white wall, drain holes for rainwater and a clever opening that resembles a bird’s beak.

  • Outdoor Cumaru TV Lift Cabinet

    Outdoor Cumaru TV Lift Cabinet

    There are few more things more frustrating in life than having to be stuck indoors to watch the big game while the sun is searing your yard. With one fell, shady swoop the Outdoor Cumaru TV Lift Cabinet has eliminated that frustration, its beautiful, solid cumaru wood construction fending off the elements, beautifully.

  • Nest Temperature Sensor

    Nest Temperature Sensor

    Ensure climate control and a comfortable environment throughout the home with the clever Nest Temperature Sensor. The already smart heating technology got cleverer still meaning you can now heat—or cool—every corner of every room to the required temperature—ideal for those in larger homes with multiple rooms and/or levels.

  • Ecobee Switch+

    Ecobee Switch+

    The latest smart home accessory Ecobee Switch+ is a goodie, taking smart light switches to the next level. Not only will you never have to come back to a dark house ever again or worry about forgetting to turn off your home illumination when you leave, but you can even ask the lights for help with everyday tasks, or get it to play some tunes. It’s the first smart light switch to come with built-in Amazon Alexa—get enlightened.