Home Office

  • Metis Desk

    Metis Desk

    A truly functional furniture piece, the Metis Desk is a compact construction of solid oak with a sublime selection of discreet and secret storage solutions. Declutter the stunning desktop thanks to a layer of drawers in a compartment set beneath two lidded sections. Stylish and sophisticated, this inspirational design promises to inspire all who sit as it.

  • Artifox Standing Desk

    Artifox Standing Desk

    Crafted to refine your workspace, and to inspire you to get more creative whilst in it, the Artifox Standing Desk is modelled on a traditional design but adapted to suit contemporary needs. Forged in the USA from a choice of solid walnut or maple woods, this is one working relationship that should last a lifetime.

  • LiftPro


    LiftPro redesigns the sit-to-stand desk to put all others in the class to shame. With built-in consoles for your devices, recessed felt trays, display docks for your phone and tablet, a stainless steel drink holder and a mouse pad that sits flush against the surface, your desk will be the most organized and efficient tool in your modern workspace.

  • Spell Shift Table

    Spell Shift Table

    Seamlessly switch between your work and play with the stunning Spell Shift Table. This beautiful unit, crafted from solid oak with optional stained colors and finished in a premium satin matt lacquer, ensures you’ll always be both connected and fully charged while keeping those unsightly cables well out of sight.

  • Wall Desk

    Wall Desk

    With beautiful Scandinavian design, the MacBook Wall Desk is an essential addition to your workspace. Mount it on the wall at your preferred height or use it as a tabletop. The PEFC certified molded wood desk is ergonomic, attractive and easy to install.

  • TableAir


    Correct your posture and ensure you’re always working in comfort with the ingenious, ultra-stylish TableAir, a work desk that moves up and down as if by magic. Commanded by the palm of your outstretched arm, not only can you raise and lower it at will, but also set the cool LED lighting to reflect your mood with a range of soothing glows.