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  • Woolsey Smart Desk

    Woolsey Smart Desk

    Sean Woolsey Studio’s motorized desk is built for the gadget-filled office. It has a power strip with six outlets, two USB ports and a built-in surge protector, as well as a discreet wireless charging area on its desktop. Cable slots on the left and right drawers and under the desk keep your setup clean.

  • Silk Cable Wrangler

    Silk Cable Wrangler

    Available in Pencil Gray or Lightly Toasted Beige, the Silk Cable Wrangler is an attractive wire tidier for your desk or nighstand. The handsome magnetic organizer enables your cables to easily snap in place, making them easier to use and less distracting–you know what they say, messy cables, messy mind. Or something like that.

  • Stone Journal Pocket Stone

    Stone Journal Pocket Stone

    Never let a story, a line or a lyric be lost forever, instead keep a Stone Journal Pocket Stone on your person to immediately record your best thoughts. A beauty to look at, and a beauty to use, the A6 pad sports printed endpapers, triple satin ribbons, lined and plain papers and conversion charts. Ethical and stylish stationery, it’s wrapped in semi-flex vegan leather.

  • GoalDRVN Planner

    GoalDRVN Planner

    Get s*** done and feel the satisfaction of ticking it off as you do so with the GoalDRVN Planner that promises to enable you to make the most of your life’s potential. The handsome, well thought out design includes special layouts for weekly, monthly, and yearly goals, a habit builder section and freedom pages for when you’re feeling creative.

  • Civil Mosaic Workstation W-1

    Civil Mosaic Workstation W-1

    Tailor yourself an inspirational space with the Civil Mosaic Workstation W-1. Choose from stunning oak or walnut woods and construct your own workspace from an Italian-made wall-system that opens into a desktop and acts as a storage area and library, aesthetically enhanced by contrasting colorful modules and dividers. All wood is ethically-sourced.

  • Post-it Extreme Notes

    Post-it Extreme Notes

    Post-It notes are great, but let’s face it, they don’t do well in extreme conditions. They have always been for use pretty much exclusively in the office. Until now. Post-it Extreme Notes let you leave notes in less than ideal conditions. These are not your average sticky notes. They’re made with ultra-strong dura-hold paper and adhesive to be water-resistant, durable, and writable. You can use them both indoors or outdoors. They even stick to textured and difficult surfaces in hot …cotinue reading

  • FPM Bank Workstation

    FPM Bank Workstation

    The FPM Bank Workstation gives new meaning to the idea of a mobile office. Concealed in a hard side shell aluminum and wood suitcase, the Bank Workstation gives you the freedom to setup your workstation anywhere. Complete with handles and wheels, you can easily transport it to client meetings, tradeshows, cafes, and more. A foldout shelf is an optimal place for your laptop to rest comfortably while you work, while the three drawers give you just the right amount of …cotinue reading

  • Sean Woolsey Waterfall Desk

    Sean Woolsey Waterfall Desk

    Originally designed for architect William Itzen, the Sean Woolsey Waterfall Desk offers a minimal and asymmetrical line with all the key features you need–a built-in leather mouse pad that opens with the provided strong magnetic wood geode, a steel frame, Walnut feet inserts, and a breathtaking design with a continuous grain flow of Black Walnut.

  • Artifox Desk 02

    Artifox Desk 02

    Minimal yet highly functional, meet the glorious Artifox Desk 02. Available in either walnut, or walnut and bone finishes, this hardy table is sure to get the creative juices flowing, and incorporates mix and match features such as an in-built device dock, cable tidier and headphone hook. Takes just minutes to assemble your perfect personalized workspace.

  • Metis Desk

    Metis Desk

    A truly functional furniture piece, the Metis Desk is a compact construction of solid oak with a sublime selection of discreet and secret storage solutions. Declutter the stunning desktop thanks to a layer of drawers in a compartment set beneath two lidded sections. Stylish and sophisticated, this inspirational design promises to inspire all who sit as it.