• Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden

    Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden

    Spice up your life, clean your home air and get healthy, with ease, thanks to the Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden. Developing green fingers indoors is a cinch, simply plug it in, add water and let it tend to itself. Space for up to three plants, some smart NASA-inspired technology means you can grow fruits, herbs and flowers with no need for hormones or any other harmful substances.

  • Edyn Garden Sensor

    Edyn Garden Sensor

    Let your fingers stay green when you’re not even in your yard thanks to the Edyn Garden Sensor. Simply stick the sensor in the soil — somewhere it can be seen by the sun — and enjoy real time updates to your phone concerning nutrition, humidity, light and moisture. Take the guesswork out of gardening and grow your very own Eden with ease.

  • City Water Self Waterer

    City Water Self Waterer

    End your houseplants’ dry spells with the City Water Self-Waterer. Made of durable borosilicate glass and supported by a powder-coated steel frame, this stylish and effective frosted glass water tower drains into the soil to act as your own personal urban water tower.

  • Fold Pot

    Fold Pot

    Never have to re-plant your plants again once they outgrow their homes thanks to Fold Pot, a silicon rubber vessel that can double its capacity. All’s you have to do is add more soil – and water – as the plant matures, while the flexible layers mold and adapt to the plant’s new shape.

  • Shotgun Flower Shell

    Shotgun Flower Shell

    Drop bulbs, not bombs, or something like that, with Shotgun Flower Shell, an ingenious take irony. Basically a 12-gauge shotgun shell, its deadly ball bearings have been replaced with the seeds of a host of flowers. You can take your pick form the likes of poppies, peonies and lavender. Simply pop it in your shotgun, point to the ground, and shoot. Thought gardening was for sissies? Think again.

  • Parrot Flower Power

    Parrot Flower Power

    A technological marvel for the greenery in your life, the Parrot Flower Power is a sensory device that measures the likes of soil moisture levels, sunlight, fertilizer quality and temperature. It’ll beam the info over to your portable gadgets and also access a library app for instant gardening advice. You can practically forget about having to change the battery as it’ll run for a good half year on a single AA, but whatever you do, don’t forget to water the …cotinue reading

  • Joey Roth Self-Watering Planter

    Joey Roth Self-Watering Planter

    A neat idea. The Joey Roth Self-Watering Planter is inspired by an ancient irrigation tool called the Olla, which famers would use to save water in hot climes. Designed for anything up to three herbs or six succulents, the porous earthenware utilizes its middle chamber to drip water into the surrounding soil and foliage. Perfect for the lazy/forgetful plant lover.

  • Money Tree

    Money Tree

    At last, you can tell your parents that it really does grow on trees. Well, sort of. The Money Tree may not literally sprout wads of cash but its very presence is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity, so certainly worth a try. Even if it doesn’t make you a millionaire overnight, it’s beautiful piece of greenery and is said to have a harmonizing effect on your home or office, improving the flow of “chi.”

  • Click & Grow Smartpots

    Click & Grow Smartpots

    A garden without tending? Yes its possible! The automatic plant growing system Click & Grow gives you the opportunity to grow a verdant foliage inside your house with just a box. The smart invention was developed by Estonian company Click & Grow LLC. Each starter kit comes with hi-tech smartpot and a plant cartridge that contains seeds, nutrients and software. Perfect for busy and modern gardeners.

  • Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest

    Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest

    Not only do plants make great decor, but they’re great at purifying the air indoors. Cleanse the air in your living space with the Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest Kit ($50). This kit includes Dawn Redwood seeds, recycled steel pot, bonsai scissors, a rake and river stones. Simply plant, water, and you’ll have trees sprouting in a few weeks.