• North Focals

    North Focals

    North Focals are smart glasses that have a display that only you can see. They allow you to stay connected to your friends and family and get the information that you need with no effort at all. These glasses deliver visual summaries, smart text, emojis and voice to text capabilities. They also offer a unique navigation experience so you can reach your destination without missing a thing, using search, turn by turn and Uber. Alexa is also built in so …cotinue reading

  • Sunski Dipseas

    Sunski Dipseas

    Designer-standard and designer-style sunglasses at a rock-bottom price, Sunski Dipseas aren’t just for downtime, they’re made for days on the surf, slopes, tracks or trails too. Lightweight, flexible polycarbonate frames with lock-tight steel hinges house premium polarized lenses, and they come with a carry case and microfiber cleaning cloth. What’s more, there’s also a lifetime warranty.

  • Vuarnet Glacier XL

    Vuarnet Glacier XL

    Three ice cool finishes await of the Vaurnet Glacier XL, iconic eyewear favored by the likes of 007–and they really are shades fit for a superspy. Based on the legendary glasses worn by the world’s greatest explorers since the 1970s, they boast scratch- and shock-resistant mineral glass, polarized lenses, glacier shields and a built-in leather strap attachment for security.

  • RHEOS Floating Sunglasses

    RHEOS Floating Sunglasses

    We love the summer and the surf, but when you are in the water on your surfboard or innertube, or kayak and you lose your glasses, that sucks. But when you are rocking a pair of RHEOS Floating Sunglasses, you won’t lose them. All you have to do is go back and retrieve them from the surface of the water. These floating sunglasses are polarized and offer 100% UV protection and are hydrophobic and have anti-scratch protection. Now you can …cotinue reading

  • Ombraz Sunnies

    Ombraz Sunnies

    We were blown away by the unusual design of the Ombraz Sunnies, handcrafted shades that lack regular arms but rather a cord that wraps around your head–while turning others–to drastically reduce the chance of them falling off and breaking. They also sport high-end Zeiss lenses, and, for ever pair sold 20 trees are planted.

  • Aether & Salt Voyage Sunglasses

    Aether & Salt Voyage Sunglasses

    The achingly hip Aether and Salt Voyage Sunglasses are just as at home protecting your eyes from the rush of wind on a motorcycle as they are in the urban jungle. Shades for all occasions–providing some of those occasions include some serious rush of adrenaline–they boast medical grade silicon side shields and titanium frames.