Art & Decor

  • PoshPelts Faux Fur Throws & Pillows

    PoshPelts Faux Fur Throws & Pillows

    Affordable fur that is, most importantly, not actual fur, PoshPelts Faux Fur Throws & Pillows are ethical, luxurious items that mimic the skins of the Arctic fox, black bear, lynx, chinchilla and red fox. Also lined with faux suede, each piece is available in a range of colors and sizes all ideal for some seriously cozy cuddling.

  • Paper Jam Press

    Paper Jam Press

    We’re not sure why anyone wouldn’t turn this into a DIY project, but if you have the cash to spare, these Rock Posters┬áby Paper Jam are a great alternative to the cheesy motivational posters you see in office walls and conference rooms. These posters are printed on 250g Somerset Satin sheets and shipped in a hard kraft tube. Since Paper Jam is open to ideas, how about printing “Don’t Stop Believing” for one of our office walls.

  • MWC Altimeter Wall Clock

    MWC Altimeter Wall Clock

    We love the MWC Altimeter Wall Clock so much that there’s one gracing one of the GearCulture HQ walls. Originally crafted as promotional pieces and for military mess halls, this uber-durable piece sees a high accuracy quartz movement embedded within a high impact polycarbonate case. Another attractive feature is its smooth, tick-tock-less sweep.

  • Best Made Globe Box

    Best Made Globe Box

    Wanderlusters and globetrotters alike will adore this collaboration, the Best Made Globe, in conjunction with H. Gerstner & Sons. The globe, handcrafted in the U.K. by iconic globemakers Greaves & Thomas, is cradled by an heirloom-quality box fashioned from plain-sawn and precision fit American cherry wood that’s been hand-lacquered, and adorned with polished brass hardware. Stunning.

  • Twist Shelf

    Twist Shelf

    Who’d have thought that something as simple as a shelf could be so darned spectacular, but the Twist Shelf is a work of art truly worth being hung on your wall. The two-in-one design of magnetic solid oak sports a funky twist that means the storage shelf morphs into a magnetic strip able to grip everything from keys to knives.

  • Instrmnt A-Series Clock

    Instrmnt A-Series Clock

    Available with an anodized gold or silver finish, the enchanting Instrmnt A-Series Clock can be sat on your desktop or hung on the wall. The minimalist design is the result of much love, spun-form by hand from a disc of raw aluminum, made in the UK and powered by a German-made movement–and you can’t get much more punctual than that.