Iguana Yachts

The Iguana 29 ($287,300) is the brainchild of the Iguana Yachts CEO himself, Anthony Brigodou. This innovative watercraft is often referred to as the ‘ground boat’ as it is capable of navigating through both sea and land – the Iguana name isn’t just for show after all. The inspiration behind the amphibious properties of the yacht came to Anthony as he set sail between the bay of Mont Saint Michel and the south of Jersey – where the tides can go out for miles and one has to traverse terrain flanked by sandbanks, rocks, and currents. Land travel is made possible with its patented ‘Caterpillar System’ which doesn’t compromise its performance as a nautical vessel. Up to 10 persons at a time can take pleasure in the seamless transition between sea and land that is provided by the speedy Iguana 29.