Genghis Khan Hibachi Grill

Add a touch of Mongolia to your holiday grilling with the Genghis Khan Hibachi Grill ($180). The cast-iron grill provides you three ways to go about your imperial cooking – you can toss your meat into the pan, utilize the convex V-grooved grilling grates, or skew them with the 16-inch shish kebab attachment. Its three approaches to cooking enables you to grill just about any type of meat and cut – from tenderloins to chicken barbeques to bulgogi. The Genghis Khan Hibachi Grill can cook pounds and pounds of meat at the same time; but it is compact in form –  making it possible to take it with you just about anywhere – your backyard, your friend’s house, the park, to a party, and wherever else you need to do some good ole’ grilling. [source]