• Kichler Terna LED Ceiling Fans

    Kichler Terna LED Ceiling Fans

    Available in the likes of brushed bronze, nickel, and weathered steel finishes, the industrial-inspired Kichler Terna Ceiling LED Fans are a spectacular centerpiece for any room. The unique blade design promises to make the most of both wide and smaller spaces, the fans pointing upwards around an LED lamp, rather than around the usual horizontal plane.

  • Smart Home Control Hub

    Smart Home Control Hub

    Those who fear their digital addiction is ever-separating them from the natural world should feast their peepers on the Smart Home Control Hub, essentially an internet-connected length of lumber. The tongue-in-cheek design hides a touch sensitive interface that acts as a control center for all your home’s connected appliances while also being able to receive and display messages. It’s equipped with a voice command microphone–but alas does lack a speaker, so queries are answered by way of text.

  • UMA Sound Lantern

    UMA Sound Lantern

    This doesn’t just drag the traditional, portable lantern into the 21st century, it nearly propels it into the next. The UMA Sound Lantern is a wonderfully art-like offering that merges high-tech Warm Din LED smarts with 360-degree high-fidelity sound for the ultimate in sensory stimulation. Touch sensitive volume control and Bluetooth connectivity are other highlights of this gadget that can be enjoyed indoors and out.

  • Paper Jam Press

    Paper Jam Press

    We’re not sure why anyone wouldn’t turn this into a DIY project, but if you have the cash to spare, these Rock Posters by Paper Jam are a great alternative to the cheesy motivational posters you see in office walls and conference rooms. These posters are printed on 250g Somerset Satin sheets and shipped in a hard kraft tube. Since Paper Jam is open to ideas, how about printing “Don’t Stop Believing” for one of our office walls.

  • Pizzaiolo Smart Oven

    Pizzaiolo Smart Oven

    Cook everyone’s favorite Italian food like a, well, Italian, with the Pizzaiolo Smart Oven. The sexy brushed stainless-steel design houses some serious technology and heat–it’s the first domestic countertop oven capable of hitting 750°F–that means it can replicate the environment of a brick oven, cooking an authentic wood-fired style pizza in an astonishing two minutes.

  • Spell Shuffle Modular Line

    Spell Shuffle Modular Line

    Quite unlike any furniture we’ve seen before, the Spell Shuffle Modular Line is some seriously sensational seating and workspace. The firm’s first ever soft seating collection combines contemporary design with traditional furniture craftsmanship, resulting in a fully customizable suite created from a selection of woods and textiles that can be laid out in countless seating landscapes.