• Artisan Revere Super Steel Kitchen Knives

    Artisan Revere Super Steel Kitchen Knives

    Whether you’re a superstar, Michelin-star chef or a mere amateur cook, the Super Steel Kitchen Knives will bring a whole heap of glamour and goodness to your kitchen. A work of art for your worksurface, they’re slim, sharp and stylish, featuring a rounded spine and slip-resistant choil, with the elements etched on to every blade like an ingredients list, and a handle with a handsome mosaic pin.

  • BenQ e-Reading Lamp

    BenQ e-Reading Lamp

    Our new favorite desk light here at GearCulture Towers, the BenQ e-Reading Lamp is seriously smart illumination. Revolutionizing the traditional desk lamp, it’s the first designed specifically for browsing digital screens, throwing out a 150% wider illumination range that eliminates glare, while the built-in sensor automatically delivers the best light–or choose to set the tone yourself with the simple twist of a knob.

  • Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses

    Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses

    Enhance your drinking experience with the Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses. These large, stemless Cognac glasses combine function with style, specifically designed to enhance the deep color, movement, bouquet, temperature, and volume of the amber liquid.

  • Das Horn

    Das Horn

    Cast aside your teacups, wine and cocktail glasses and revive your inner, caveman beast with the Viking-like drinking vessel that is Das Horn. Don’t worry, no animals were killed for the cause, and if you’re worried about how you put it down, fear not, for it comes with its very own stand. We however prefer the necklace holder, though we’ll let you make your own drunken jokes about your 24 oz. horn

  • MasterPlug Portable Cable Reel

    MasterPlug Portable Cable Reel

    An extension cord that’s sturdy and sports in-built overload surge protection, the MasterPlug Portable Cable Reel is among the best out there. This hardiest of designs incorporates four 120V, 10A outlets and 1,200 wattage capacity along with 80 feet of 14/3 gauge high visibility cord with a convenient right-angle plug. The open reel design also makes for easy wall mounting.

  • PoshPelts Faux Fur Throws & Pillows

    PoshPelts Faux Fur Throws & Pillows

    Affordable fur that is, most importantly, not actual fur, PoshPelts Faux Fur Throws & Pillows are ethical, luxurious items that mimic the skins of the Arctic fox, black bear, lynx, chinchilla and red fox. Also lined with faux suede, each piece is available in a range of colors and sizes all ideal for some seriously cozy cuddling.