• Concrete Valet Tray

    Concrete Valet Tray

    It’s so often the simple things that ooze the most style and bring the most pleasure, and it doesn’t come much more simple than the Concrete Valet Tray. This uber-cool, uber minimalist offering comprises four compartments to keep those daily essentials to hand and organized notably your wallet, coins, phone, and keys.

  • Momentum Meri Thermostat

    Momentum Meri Thermostat

    With echoes of Hal from Kubrick’s Space Odyssey, the Momentum Meri Thermostat is a features-festooned, super-smart circle to affix to your home and/or office wall. Perfectly priced, the device allows you to customize seven-day schedules for your heating and air conditioning, including ‘eco’ and ‘away’ modes, programmed with ease via the touchscreen or from your phone. Visit the manufacturer’s website for more information on the Meri Thermostat.

  • Gladiator Wide EZ Connect Rack

    Gladiator Wide EZ Connect Rack

    Whether your shtick is DIY, camping, painting, music-making or all of the above, chances are you need somewhere to stash your gear–and tidily. Step forward the Gladiator Wide EZ Connect Rack, an easy-to-assemble shelving system comprising laminate shelves and a steel frame. The click-and-lock design means no tools are required to erect it–and it can even be done alone.

  • Beefer


    Make the best steaks, seafood, burgers and so much more with the German-made Beefer, an astonishingly powerful propane gas grille. The sturdy, state of the art design is capable of reaching an unbeatable (at least at home) 1,500-degrees Fahrenheit that are so evenly distributed that perfect results are delivered fast and without fail, every time.

  • Midway Aviator Desk

    Midway Aviator Desk

    Butler Specialty Company’s classy and sturdy Midway Aviator Desk looks like the wing of a plane from the 1940’s and 50’s. It’s made from MDF, wood, and polished aluminum and is decorated with rivets. It also has a table variant.

  • June Oven

    June Oven

    Saving both space and stress, the June Oven offers seven appliances in one handsome counter-top unit: a convection oven, air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster and warming drawer. Not only that, the super smart oven promises to cook all dishes to perfection thanks to its 100-plus one tap cook programs.

  • Bedshelfie


    The ingeniously simple Bedshelfie is an extremely capable bedside shelf that easily clamps to the side of your cot without the need for tools. Riffing on iconic minimalist Scandinavian design, it’s handcrafted in Los Angeles from eco-friendly bamboo and so sturdy it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Can support up to 15lbs, with room for a remote, a drink and a 13-inch laptop–or any other similarly long device.

  • Reign & Hail Song Lyric Posters

    Reign & Hail Song Lyric Posters

    England-based print shop Reign & Hail offers song lyric posters with a twist. They take all the letters used in a song and pile them up, but cap the poster with a clean text of the artist’s name, the title of the song and other details. They have a wide variety of featured songs and also accept custom orders.

  • Discommon Bottle Opener 2

    Discommon Bottle Opener 2

    Inspired by these design masters’ work fashioning luxurious leather luggage accessories, the Discommon Bottle Opener 2 sees laser cut, hand stitched leather hide fused with grade 5 satin titanium. Aesthetics are enhanced by the likes of a wire cut profile and a machine polished finish while the thumb recess allows for extra leverage on your favorite beverage. A gorgeous–and highly useful–keepsake.

  • 2 Stroke Smoke Candle

    2 Stroke Smoke Candle

    Flying Tiger Motorcycles offers a one-of-a-kind candle for bike enthusiasts and gearheads. The 2 Stroke Smoke Candle is handmade with actual 2 stroke race oil as well as natural fragrances. Don’t worry, it’s non-toxic and won’t actually fill your room with smoke.