• Voyage Guitars

    Voyage Guitars

    Looking for a guitar that travels well? Voyage Guitars easily break down in half to make traveling a breeze. Available in an acoustic and electric version, these full-size guitars feature a collapsible neck to easily fit in its included custom, high-impact backpack case. It’s really as simple as folding the guitar to store and unfolding it to play.

  • ResQMe


    The ResQMe is a must-have emergency tool that is small enough to slip into your pocket. This miniaturized escue tool features a spring-loaded head that can deliver up to twelve pounds of force to easily smash vehicle windows in case of a crash. The ResQMe also includes a razor sharp blade for cutting through jammed seat belts and an included clip used for hiding the blade and hanging the tool on a key ring.

  • Scrimshaw Knife Kit

    Scrimshaw Knife Kit

    Taking its name from an early American art form originating from the 18th-century whaling industry, Scrimshaw Knife Kit enables you to immortalize a hunt, catch or special occasion on your own personal bone-handled pocket knife. Choose from a lock-back or trapper bone model which will come with a hardened steel scribe, India ink, fine steel wool and more. There is step by step instructions to guide you through your personalization process. Get creative, get carving.

  • LifeStraw Go

    LifeStraw Go

    The game-changing award-winning LifeStraw has now been incorporated into a handy water bottle meaning you can fill up, on the go, at will. LifeStraw Go holds up to 670ml, is made from BPA-free Tritan and filters nearly every last trace of impurity. For every one sold, an African child gets a year of clean drinking water at school.  

  • Samsung Space Monitor

    Samsung Space Monitor

    Enjoy greater flexibility and up to 40% more desk space thanks to the Samsung Space Monitor. The attractive slim, three-sided bezel-less screen boasts WQHD resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate, perched atop an adjustable arm stand and powered by single cable that fits behind to keep things even further clutter-free.

  • Gerber E-Tool

    Gerber E-Tool

    Forged from powder coated baron carbon steel and anodized aluminum, the Gerber E-Tool is compact, lightweight and portable and up to a multitude of tasks. The folding spade also sports a serrated edge good for chopping branches and sawing roots, making it ideal for huntsmen, outdoorsmen, tradesman, or to chuck in your shed or your trunk.