• MecArmy CPL Wristband Lamp

    MecArmy CPL Wristband Lamp

    MecArmy’s CPL is a flashlight that’s so tiny, you can clip it to your watch’s strap. You can also attach it to MOLLE bands. Its case and buttons are made of titanium. It uses a CREE LED that has a maximum output of 160 lumens. It has four lighting modes and runs up to 30 hours per charge.

  • MicroAir Golf Polos

    MicroAir Golf Polos

    Tasc Performance’s golf polo shirts are extremely light and soft and have a luxurious feel, thanks to its MicroAir beechwood fabric. The shirts are also quick-drying and stretchable. Like all Tasc Performance products, they are made without the use of chemical finishes.

  • ABUS U-Lock 440 Alarm

    ABUS U-Lock 440 Alarm

    Protect your two-wheel ride with pride with the ABUS U-Lock 440 Alarm. The kryptonite-tough 12mm round shackle is forged from specially hardened steel and boasts a 3D Position Detection System that registers even minute movements, backed by a 100-plus decibel alarm that screams for 15 seconds then cleverly reactivates automatically.

  • 5.11 Operator Axe Compact

    5.11 Operator Axe Compact

    The smaller and lighter version of 5.11’s Operator Axe. The Operator Axe Compact is 10″ long and also features a dual hex bit, a pry bar, a nail puller, a ruler, and a hammer head. It also has notches on the handle for paracord and comes with a sheath.

  • Powerbiner Power Bank Carabiner

    Powerbiner Power Bank Carabiner

    Re-Fuel’s Powerbiner is a carabiner with an integrated 3000mAh power bank and a USB charging port. It has built-in overcharge and surge protection. Don’t think that its form is just for show – the Powerbiner can hold up to 132lb.

  • Hasselblad X1D II 50C

    Hasselblad X1D II 50C

    Hasselblad revolutionized the camera industry when it released the world’s first medium-format mirrorless camera, the X1D. Its successor promises a more intuitive interface, enhanced electronics, and the same 50MP sensor. All that with a significantly reduced price tag compared to the $9000 original.

  • Pivo Pod

    Pivo Pod

    Make the most of your smartphone camera and watch those likes skyrocket with the palm-sized Pivo Pod. The clever camera contraption cradles your cell with the ability to do things like track your movement–and that of others–with timelapse for some wonderful panoramic shots and video. Comes with a GoPro mount and its own app also.

  • Pen Type-C

    Pen Type-C

    CW&T’s Pen Type-C has a slim and flat titanium body that is nearly as thin as its ink cartridge. This form factor combined with its detachable clip lets you use it as a bookmark. It uses Pilot’s Hi-Tech C Coleto gel ink cartridge, which is guaranteed to never dry or leak.

  • ZVOX AccuVoice

    ZVOX AccuVoice

    First engineered for the hearing impaired, ZVOX AccuVoice soundbars spew room-filling, state-of-the-art sound and boasts hearing aid technology for awesome audio clarity even at low volume. A cinch to set up right out of the box, we’re especially fans of the Output Leveling feature that lowers the volume of those heart-attack inducing overly loud commercials.

  • 2019 Amazon Kindle Oasis

    2019 Amazon Kindle Oasis

    After 2 years, Amazon’s waterproof ereader gets a much needed refresh. The latest generation Kindle Oasis features an E Ink screen with a backlight that can automatically change from cool to warm tones as the day progresses to keep reading easy on the eyes. It still has Audible support, has dedicated page turn buttons, and comes in 8GB and 32GB capacities.