• Monocabin


    Designed by the Milanese Mandalaki studio, the stupendously stylish, minimalist mini-home, Monocabin, was first conceived in Rhodes. Now, thanks to a partnership with US firm BoutiqueHomes, the highly affordable prefab 26-sqaure-meter home can be bought and built on any plot of land you wish (so long as it’s yours, or you have permission!). Modular elements make this a highly customizable option, and it ships in as little as three weeks.

  • Orchid Tiny House

    Orchid Tiny House

    The tiny living phenomena shows little sign of abating–with good reason–and the Orchid Tiny House is one gorgeous addition to the lifestyle craze. The farmhouse-inspired design cleverly creates extra room by neat tricks and twists such as an elevated kitchenette and cool Scandinavian elements like cedar wall, all illuminated by warming, well-placed LEDs.

  • Ming River Sichuan Baijiu

    Ming River Sichuan Baijiu

    Taste the ancient with Ming River Sichuan Baijiu, a Chinese liquor that translates as “white spirits.” More than twenty generations’ worth of expertise have gone into crafting this exquisite tipple, produced from grain, in China’s longest continuously operated distillery and made to counter the region’s traditionally spicy food. Fun fact GearCulturers, China’s legendary baijiu shifts more bottles than vodka and whiskey combined, that many people can’t be wrong, so give it a go.

  • Session Bong

    Session Bong

    Forget those rudimentary homemade contraptions, the super stylish Session Bong ensures a smooth hit every time. Beautifully shaped and comfortable to grip–no matter how many of those smooth hits you’ve taken!–the sculpture-like handmade construction comprises a borosilicate glass body and silicone base and interchangeable accessories, while the downstem helps counter those inevitable accidents.

  • Trail Mix with Beef Biltong

    Trail Mix with Beef Biltong

    Keep your strength up while hiking or use as a super snack, Trail Mix with Beef Biltong offers the world’s healthiest grazing. Full of lean protein and healthy fats, this tasty trail mix is free of nasties like MSG, hormones, and antibiotics, as well as allergy-triggering soy, gluten and peanuts. Choose from three flavors: original, dark chocolate, or, our favorite, jalapeno for a little extra kick.

  • Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin

    Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin

    Gin’s just about the most fashionable drink in town at the moment, and this is one wonderful twist on the classic tipple. Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin sees the iconic Italian liqueur firm lend its legendary Marasca cherry juice to its London Dry Gin distillate for an all-conquering cocktail concoction in the making. Warm, dry, fruity, and spicy–enjoy experimenting.