• 6 Star Ultimate Swiss Luxury Chalet Zermatt Peak

    6 Star Ultimate Swiss Luxury Chalet Zermatt Peak

    Switzerland boasts some of Europe’s best landscapes and the 6 Star Ultimate Swiss Luxury Chalet Zermatt Peak offers the chance to savor some of those views in style. Inside, wooden beams are beautifully captured by stunning lighting to be admired as you sink into the layers of faux fur. All rooms are en-suite and there’s a cool pool area too.

  • Floating Skateboard Ramp

    Floating Skateboard Ramp

    If skateboarding is on-land surfing, what’s skateboarding on land on the water? Find out with the Floating Skateboard Ramp, an epically cool contraption constructed on Lake Tahoe and the brainchild of pro skater Bob Burnguist. Get as adventurous as you dare, if you do come off, you won’t have to worry about it hurting.

  • Lemongrass, Chile and Coconut Milk Shrimp

    Lemongrass, Chile and Coconut Milk Shrimp

    Chuck out all your preconceptions and prejudices about this dish, this one’s an absolute winner. The Enchanted Cook’s Lemongrass, Chilli and Coconut Milk Shrimp incorporate chopped lemongrass, shallots, jalapenos, ginger, garlic, and lime. It’s easy to make and will add a touch of sophistication to your next backyard barbeque.

  • BOS Iced Tea

    BOS Iced Tea

    Chuck out those sugary sodas for this deliciously healthy alternative, BOS Iced Tea is a certified organic Rooibos thirst-buster available in five flavors: Lime & Ginger, Yuzu, Berry, Peach, and Lemon.  Made with the legendary antioxidant-rich South African red tea from The Cederberg region and local flavors.

  • Country Archer Jerky

    Country Archer Jerky

    A lip-smacking, protein-packed, environmentally-friendly treat. Country Archer Jerky comes in a range of delicious flavors such as chili, mango, teriyaki, or good ol’ original, using 100% grass-fed premium beef and all-natural, organic ingredients. Handcrafted in the U.S.A. and free of preservatives, jerky just don’t come any tastier or as nutritious as this.

  • Avua Balsamo

    Avua Balsamo

    Cachaca to the next level, Avua Balsamo is liquor concocted by hand and aged for a couple of years in balsamo wood casks, crafted from high-density, burgundy-colored hardwood native to Latin America that impart a herbaceous aroma coupled with citrus hints. Good in cocktails, neat, or on the rocks–a favorite here at GearCulture.