Cam Crate

As a photographer, you never leave home without your beloved camera. But as you know, there are just places that you’re better off without it – unless, you don’t mind dropping it in a river or several feet below when you go hiking or something. DSLRs aren’t cheap by any means; and it’s perfectly understandable why you’d prioritize its well-being over yours (although you probably shouldn’t). With the Cam Crate ($50), you can throw away all your your worries (and even your precious camera, without damaging it) out the window. The Cam Crate is an element-proof casing (with a very cushiony interior) that shelters and protects your camera from just about anything and everything. It is water-proof (it floats, even), mud-proof, crush-proof, and drop–proof to summarize – it’s indestructible. One size fits most; it also features a quick-action door, preventing you to miss a good snapshot, and a lifetime warranty – because it was engineered to last for just that.