Bear Mattress


For GearCulture guys – and gals – on the go, the Bear Mattress promises comfort for a slumber fit for a king, or even a hibernating beast. Sleep deeply and dream sweetly on this all new, revolutionary all-American engineered cot top, which doesn’t simply stop at offering cooling and comfort, but even aids in muscle recovery too. And don’t just take our word for it, it’s used by world class athletes such as US national and NYC soccer star, Mix Diskerud, and Ironman Champion Sarah Piampiano.


The Bear Mattress sports a three-layer, 10-inch foam construction. The largest, base layer stands at 6.5-inch boasting high density technology for a strong foundation which keeps perfect shape while providing ample compression soothing support. Up top, is an inch slab of graphite gel infused memory foam, seven times cooler than the traditional memory foam, and sandwiched in between, the 2.5-inch support layer responds as you sleep, and responds faster than its competitors.


Surrounding this high density, high end technology, is the equally clever, clinically proven zippered Celliant responsive textile cover. Celliant is a one-of-a-kind fiber with near magical properties, transforming your body’s energy into that of infrared to naturally bolster oxygen levels while also improving circulation. Not only will this lead to a calmer, cooler kip, but also better recovery and more vibrancy come daylight.


The mattress is of a fairly medium firmness, leaning slightly more to the ‘firm’ end of the scale than the ‘soft,’ but what really sets its sensory experience apart is the fast action responsiveness of the memory foam. While others can sometimes take seconds to adjust to movements – seconds which can feel like minutes in the moment – this responds instantly, like liquid. You get a decent amount of bounce for you buck, too, and we all know how important that is in a quality marriage, we mean, mattress.


A good sleep makes for a more productive life. Good luck finding such quality at such an affordable price, and your spine, as well as your wallet, will certainly thank you for it. The environment will too, as it’s CertiPUR-US certified meaning its manufacture has adhered to some of the strictest standards out there. It couldn’t be simpler to sample one thanks to a 100-night risk-free trial which incorporates free shipping and free returns. Not that it’s likely you will bother with the latter.


So get working up a sweat both outside and inside that bedroom, and discover just what the Bear Mattress can bear. No matter how exhausted, or injured, you fall into it, you’ll arise feeling like a beast.