Samsung 4G Galaxy Tab 10.1

Many potential tablet customers have been sitting on the sidelines, unsure of when was the right time to make the purchase. The iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom have been receiving a lot of publicity as other tablet manufacturers are slowly coming online to produce some stiff competition. One of the premier tablets on the market has been the Galaxy Tab, but many individuals who have flirted with the idea of purchasing this tablet were holding off due to the slow transition into the 4G tablet world. This transition to 4G mobile broadband on the Tab 10.1 is just one of the many features that allow this tablet to separate itself from the proverbial pack.

While the specs and features are impressive on their own, the first thing that anyone will see is the price tag as it is the single largest factor for
a potential purchase. Like most technology at this point, everything is measured in comparison to Apple’s products. Luckily for the Galaxy Tab
10.1, the price will be nearly $100 cheaper across the board as well as having a 4G instead of the iPad’s 3G.

The 4G LTE network, the mobile broadband that the Glaxy Tab 10.1 relies on, is rated as one of the fastest in the world. The speeds can reach upwards of 12 or 15 Mbps download speeds and 8 Mbps download speeds. This feature alone will be a key point for many customers. These speeds will facilitate the use of Flash animations, something that very few other tablets including the iPad, are offering at this time. The Tab 10.1 will also run on the tablet-optimized Honeycomb operating system from Android.

The 4G Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks, feels, and operates flawlessly. On top of this, the reduced price and 4G LTE network makes this a hard purchase to pass up.

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Blake Sanders is a tech writer at UK broadband comparison site Broadband Expert and specializes in mobile broadband, mobile phones, and the latest in wireless internet provider news and information.