Momentum Robbi Smart Cam
  • Momentum Robbi Smart Cam

    Momentum Robbi Smart Cam

    Designed to function in conjunction with your home security system, the Momentum Robbi Smart Cam boasts an HD 1080P resolution camera along with infrared LEDs to ensure visibility during darkness. Motion detection alerts and recording are zapped to your cell via an app, and there’s also two-way communication and a remote siren.

  • FlipFork FLEX 4-in-1 Spatula

    FlipFork FLEX 4-in-1 Spatula

    Empty out those cluttered kitchen drawers to make room for the space- and hassle-saving FlipFork FLEX 4-in-1 Spatula. Crafted from high-end, heat-resistant nylon, an ergonomic handle gives way to a spatula, fork, tenderizer and dicer-herb grinder to make light work of cooking both in the kitchen and on the barbecue, and what’s more, it’s dishwasher friendly when you’re done, too.

  • Carbon Fiber Comb

    Carbon Fiber Comb

    The professional grade Carbon Fiber Comb comes in the traditional seven-inch length with fine and wide teeth, or a shorter 5.5-inch with medium teeth and handy loop for your thumb and hanging. Made in the USA, its ideal for everyday use, its sturdy yet lightweight design, unlike plastic, is naturally anti-static, too.

  • Stealth Core Trainer Professional

    Stealth Core Trainer Professional

    Perfect that beach body with the Stealth Core Trainer Professional that promises not just a ripped torso but a healthy back to boot–and it’ll even keep you entertained as it does it. A wonderful world first, the interactive trainer turns workouts into a gaming experience, allowing users via their connected smartphone, to control what’s going on on-screen by leaning and engaging their abs and other core muscles.

  • Nike Daybreak

    Nike Daybreak

    After being used as the basis for Nike’s recent collaborations with Sacai and Undercover, the classic running shoe is coming back in its original form. The Daybreak features a nylon and suede upper, and a waffle-bottom outsole. It will be available in three colorways starting June 22 for $100.

  • Woolsey Smart Desk

    Woolsey Smart Desk

    Sean Woolsey Studio’s motorized desk is built for the gadget-filled office. It has a power strip with six outlets, two USB ports and a built-in surge protector, as well as a discreet wireless charging area on its desktop. Cable slots on the left and right drawers and under the desk keep your setup clean.

  • Biion Footwear

    Biion Footwear

    Imagine the cooling comfort of Crocs, but without the ugliness, Biion Footwear is fashioned from flexible EVA material that forms to your foot while massaging your sole and offering plenty of breeze through strategically placed vents. The sprawling range comprises lifestyle, boating, golf and travel shoes for men and women, along with kids’ and special edition designs including the likes of Disney and Star Wars graphics.

  • Gear Aid LED Light

    Gear Aid LED Light

    Whether you need to illuminate a camping or construction site, you can count on the Gear Aid LED Light and its 10 brightness settings that range from 20 to 230 lumens along with three color temperatures. The water-resistant floodlight harbors a battery good up to eight days of darkness destruction, along with recharging capabilities for tablets and smartphones.

  • 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4

    2020 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4

    The Cayman GT4 is back. This time it’s powered by a naturally-aspirated 4.0 L, six-cylinder engine that produces up to 414 hp and 309 lb-ft of torque. It also has a six-speed manual transmission, adaptive dampers and an adjustable wing.

  • Floyd Luggage

    Floyd Luggage

    Floyd makes hard shell polycarbonate luggage that pays homage to the 1970’s boom of skateboarding, when polyurethane wheels were first introduced to skaters. The luggage are equipped with modern versions of those innovative wheels, which provide a smooth and silent ride. They come in carry-on and check-in sizes, and in a variety of colors. You can also purchase extra sets of wheels.