Top Gaming Smartphones


Mobiles phones initially began with the sole purpose of placing calls. However, as time has gone on and technology has advanced, so have the capabilities of these devices. For most mobile phone users today, gaming is a popular application for phones. In fact, more people today game on their phones than specially designed gaming consoles. Some phones are better designed for gaming including not only simple casino games but more advanced graphic games such as Grand Theft Auto.



HTC One M10

In today’s smartphones, 4 GB of RAM is becoming the highest amount found in a phone. The more RAM a phone has, the quicker apps can run. This means you don’t need to worry about being in the middle of a high stakes poker game and find your game is running slow.



Samsung Galaxy S7

Also, with 4GB of RAM, the S7 goes even further than other devices with its technology. The S7 is the first smartphone to boast waterproof technology. This is especially helpful for gamers who like to enjoy casino games while on the go. If the phone drops into a puddle, no worries about the game being affected.



Motorola Droid Turbo

In comparison to the two previous phones, this device comes with 3 GB of RAM. Even though this is less, it is still enough to please most gamers. The trade-off to having less RAM is a smaller price tag. This is an important consideration for many.




Some gamers first look at the display size when choosing a new smartphone to purchase. This is the most instantly noticeable feature of this phone with a 5.6” display screen.



Nexus 6P

With a display screen that measures 5.7”, the 6P also works well for gaming. Complete with 3 GB of RAM, gamers would find this to be a good gaming phone.

While all of these devices would be great for gaming, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is probably the better phone with more overall capabilities.