Top 5 Most Fun Beaches You Can Visit in Mexico During COVID-19

Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world, the travel industry being one of the worst hit. But what if we told you there was a silver lining to this storm cloud? We’ve done our research and put together a list of the best beach spots in Mexico that you and your loved ones can visit, safely, right now!  All you’ll need is a Mexico Tourist Card from iVisa and you’ll be good to go. These locations are carefully chosen to treat all your senses – from the sound of the ocean, the sensation of the sun on your skin, the cool Mexican drinks and the smell of the salty fresh air… These beaches have got it all. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Playa San Pancho

With decidedly more charm than the more popular beaches, this idyllic beach is a short drive away from its more popular cousin – Sayulita. So either way, you’ve got two pretty beaches set to the backdrop of a sleepy little town with eclectic hotels, galleries and small bars with a big love of music and food.

If you’re more of a surfer, look no further. Apart from being the definition of bohemian-chic, the waves here come recommended from the best surfers who look to escape the more crowded beaches of Pacific Mexico.

2. Los Cabos

Fancy fancy fancy. That’s Los Cabos in a few words. From the famous lovers beach to celebrity owned hotels and restaurants, the coastal cities of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas i.e. Los Cabos is the go-to destination for when you want to sit back and relax, with the comfort of luxurious bedding and dining. If you’ve got a yacht, this is the place to be! Picture watching a sunset on the naturally beautiful coastline while sipping on champagne with a side of ceviche set upon a rooftop and that’s Los Cabos for you.

3. Playa Progreso

One of the more untouched destinations in Mexico, this beach is all about the chill. Shacks, flamingos and ocean, that’s all you’ll see. Yes, flamingoes! Catch a peek of them in one of the silent lagoons and marvel at the aesthetic Pinterest-worthy wonder of it all. Progreso is a beautiful oceanfront port city on the Yucatán Peninsula, complete with a promenade, lighthouse and all things beach-y. Go here for some refreshing beers or underwater adventures, it’s all up to you.

4. Cancún

Alright, we know that you know all about Cancún. But it’s that way for a reason! Talk about getting everything you need – big name hotels, tiny home stays, huge oceanfront resorts to restaurants and clubs; the options are endless. There’s something for everyone here, the adventure junkies and the beach bums will get along nicely in this multicultural hotspot while sipping on some Sangria and calling it a day.

As if that’s not enough, take a short trip from the hub and you’ll find yourself amongst serene islands like Isla Mujeres or archeological sites of Mayan heritage, if you feel like you need a break from your break.

5. The Happy Coast

Costalegre AKA “The Happy Coast” is one of those hidden gems, in short. A breathtaking 150 mile coastline accompanied by picturesque mountain and tropical green views, what more can you ask for? But wait there’s more, if you want a high end hotel, you got it. Want a cozy apartment with great views? Got that too. Whatever you choose, make sure you end your days in one of the authentic restaurants that serve up some lip-smacking delicious food, by all standards.

What are you waiting for? You deserve a break to unwind from all the stress 2020 has thrown at us – and what better way to do that than by lying under the sun, sipping a cold drink and letting your mind relax to the soothing sound of the waves!