Nine Cool Gears for a Dapper Lifestyle

Blessed are those who are born dapper and minimal efforts to refine their look and make the hearts melt. But for others, who want to develop a dapper’s personality, you need to earn it. A dapper is someone with a clean look and old school vibe that makes them look cultured, mature and irresistible. Here are some cool gears that will ease your way and let you develop a dapper lifestyle in your budget;

Leather messenger bag: Whether you are the CEO of a company or in a corporate job, you must have a leather messenger bag. It won’t hamper your masculinity, instead will keep your belongings in place and give you a classic professional look.

Set of socks: Even though it is a small thing, but still a significant one. A dapper won’t wear mismatched or cartoon print socks. Have a pair of classic socks that goes with every suit and dress accordingly.

A coffee machine: When the stress is high, and the deadline is fast approaching an extra-strong brewing cup of coffee will assist you pull all-nighters. It also gives a responsible vibe when your team is slaying with you, and you have coffee to offer even at wee hours.

Gamble a bit: A good investment is excellent but the fun lies in casinos. If you haven’t been in one as a real dapper would then try your luck in best online casinos usa and win big. It will increase your confidence and also help you chill after a hectic day.

Foot grater: Let’s settle this once and for all, we all have feet and they can get rough, dry and can have calloused feet. A foot grater will help you keep your ankles smooth and clean so that you can walk barefoot or in sandals without embarrassing yourself.

Classic shades: Whether you like aviators or Ray Ban, before investing in one check which suits your style and personality. Though a model Ray Ban’s charm never fails, there is no thumb rule that states dappers can’t wear Aviators.

E-book reader: Nothing is more attractive than a man who loves his books. It gives the impression that he is knowledgeable and has depth. Own an e-book reader and have thousands of books in one tablet. It will up your dapper game.

A watch: Do the dappers wear only a Rolex? Not necessarily, own a smart watch that it much more than a time telling machine and make your signature style.

A designer suit: Bespoke suits are the signature style of a dapper whether he is going for a party, office or a casino. Invest in a designer suit and get a classic haircut to transform your style. Along with it have a personalised of cufflinks and ties.

These are some of the cool things a dapper will have. So if you want to be a dapper then adopt the lifestyle and let the girls swoon.