3 Ways Men Can Dress Sharply While Staying Comfortable

Dressing comfortably and risking looking sloppy or dressing sharply and feeling stiff and uncomfortable is an eternal dilemma for lots of men. It can be tough to decide between the two, especially when you work a day job with a dress code but you still want to feel relaxed in your clothes. The great news is, you don’t have to choose between them! There are plenty of ways you can find a middle ground to look dapper while feeling practically as comfortable as if you were wearing your trusty sweatpants and college T-shirt.

1. Wear Comfy Pouch Boxers

No one can tell what type of underwear you’ve got on, so it’s the perfect opportunity to go for all-out, maximum comfort. You can try pouch underwear, for instance, to stay warm and comfy under your clothes. No matter what kind of stuffy outfit you have to have on for the day, you can still keep things casual on a private level.

2. Invest in Different Types of Pants

You might prefer your old pair of sweatpants or favorite ripped jeans, but if you want to dress for success, it may be time to invest in different pairs of pants. You can stick to jeans but simply get a cleaner cut, for example. If you have an office dress code, look for slacks made from soft, smooth materials for all-day comfort.

3. Drop Graphics for Solid Colors Instead

If you’re still hanging on to graphic T-shirts or really any clothing that has words sprawled across it, you may want to think about switching to solid colors or plain patterns instead. While this may seem boring, you won’t feel the difference in terms of comfort, and the simple switch can go a long way in making you come across as mature and well-groomed.

If you want to look sharp to the world while feeling comfortable, try these easy ways to put together an outfit that meets the best of both worlds. You won’t have to compromise between looking and feeling great.