Writing Instruments

  • The Stilwell Compact Pen

    The Stilwell Compact Pen

    The latest offering from premium EDC company The James Brand. The Stilwell is a minimalist compact pen made of titanium with a brushed aluminum finish. It measures just 3.5″ when closed and 5.4″ in use. It comes with a lanyard for easy carrying. It’s available in titanium, black or silver color.

  • Palomino Blackwing Pencils

    Palomino Blackwing Pencils

    Works of art to create works of art, or to jot dot down inspirational lines with, the Palomino Blackwing Pencils sport striking, iconic ferrules with a choice of colored erasers, and a cedar wood body that encases a core of Japanese graphite. First founded in the 1930s, famous fans of the Blackwing pencils include writer John Steinbeck and Looney Tunes illustrator Chuck Jones.

  • Tipen EDC Pen

    Tipen EDC Pen

    Ysmart’s Tipen is designed to be carried on a keychain or used as a zipper pull. It comes with an aluminum or titanium body and is resistant to impacts, fire, and water. Its tungsten carbide tip can also be used to pry or puncture.

  • Pen Type-C

    Pen Type-C

    CW&T’s Pen Type-C has a slim and flat titanium body that is nearly as thin as its ink cartridge. This form factor combined with its detachable clip lets you use it as a bookmark. It uses Pilot’s Hi-Tech C Coleto gel ink cartridge, which is guaranteed to never dry or leak.

  • Essential EDC Titanium Bolt-Action Pen

    Essential EDC Titanium Bolt-Action Pen

    Built around the beautiful-to-write-with Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 refill, the Essential EDC Titanium Bolt-Action Pen is one handsome writing implement with one satisfying bolt action mechanism. These precision, custom machined pens will be the envy of your office, and are available with polished titanium or PVD coated stainless steel finish.

  • Montblanc RED Fountain Pen

    Montblanc RED Fountain Pen

    The Montblanc Red Fountain pen is made with the quality and attention to detail that you expect from the Montblanc brand. Writing with this pen will be fun, elegant, and smooth. The outside of the pen is a stunning red while the interior is a beautiful stainless steel. It comes with free shipping, engraving, and nib exchange. Fountain pens make a beautiful and classy gift. Get it engraved for a personal touch! Montblanc also provides replacement ink cartridges, so you’ll …cotinue reading

  • HMM Ballpoint

    HMM Ballpoint

    For those that still like to communicate or make notes the old-school way, the HMM Ballpoint is a must-have. Carved from aluminum alloy that’s scratch-proof and anti-corrosion, the pen weighs just 22g for a comfortable and lightweight creative experience, while the industrial-inspired bolt-like design promises to impart plenty of inspiration.

  • Pad & Quill Wooden Rollerball Pen

    Pad & Quill Wooden Rollerball Pen

    If you opt for the luxurious Pad & Quill Journal then it’s only right you opt for a Pad & Quill Wooden Rollerball Pen to accompany it. The handcrafted instrument is available with a body carved from a choice of reclaimed walnut barnwood or wild black cherry wood and is equipped with a chrome-plated cap and clip and a precision engineered Japanese ceramic rollerball nib.

  • Izola 6-in-1 Pen Tool

    Izola 6-in-1 Pen Tool

    We can’t remember ever seeing anything quite like the delightful Izola 6-in-1 Pen Tool before, a multi-tool cleverly contained within the body of an attractive matte gold pen. The ballpoint-stroke-stylus-stroke-screwdriver encompasses a bottle opener and phone holder, and there’s a handy ruler embossed down its body.

  • Boker Rocket Pen

    Boker Rocket Pen

    The Boker Rocket Pen is designed by custom knife maker Darriel Caston and it’s not your typical ballpoint pen. The oval design means flatter sides that feel elegant and comfortable in the hand. It features a very satisfying bayonet mechanism with a lateral slider. You can get it in anodized black aluminum or brass. Using this pen is addictive and it is also incredibly durable and attractive. Everything about this pen makes it a joy to hold and use. It …cotinue reading