Shirts & Ties

  • VoyVoy: The Summer Oxford

    VoyVoy: The Summer Oxford

    A stylish, slim-fitting shirt with some funky features. VoyVoy: The Summer Oxford is handmade in New York from Imperial Oxford Cotton that’s imported from England, sports Mother of Pearl buttons, a tailored waist that looks great tucked in or let loose and a handy pocket square with contrasting lining. Hidden in the shirt tail there’s even a microsuede patch to clean your glasses, phone or camera lens.

  • Jeremy Argyle NYC Shirts

    Jeremy Argyle NYC Shirts

    Blending retro chic with a contemporary twist, Jeremy Argyle NYC Shirts are colourful, classy and cool. Available in plain, check and stripes and all with funky patterned cuff trims, these versatile, uber-smart tailored pieces will do any suit or denim justice. There are literally countless cuts and color co-ordinations to choose from, so chuck out those old shirts and get shopping.

  • Wooden Bow Ties

    Wooden Bow Ties

    A stylish, quirky take on a classic look, the Wooden Bow Ties also come in rather handy for those who haven’t quite mastered the art of knotting the original. Available in countless styles and colors and incorporating the most luxurious of woods, sumptuous leathers and high-end fabrics, they’re sure to turn a few heads and start some conversations also.

  • Marine Layer SF-Made Oxford

    Marine Layer SF-Made Oxford

    Introducing your new favorite shirt, the Marine layer SF-Made Oxford. The idea behind the company came to Mike Natenshon after his missus chucked his favorite top, he started up Marine Layer to ensure his fellow men would not suffer such trauma. Comfortable and classic, this particular line is crafted from textured blue chambray and has even already been washed so it’s nice and soft for you straight from the off.

  • Shirts My Way

    Shirts My Way

    Want a bespoke shirt but can’t be bothered with the hassle of actually going to a tailor? Then Shirts My Way is just the ticket, a web-based firm that allows to pick every last detail down to the buttons, stitching, collar, material and cut. You’ll even be able to brag about your clothing design credentials, but if it ends up looking bad, you only have yourself to blame.

  • Stalward Ltd Ties

    Stalward Ltd Ties

    Tell the guy who asked you where you got your tie that there’s not another one like it with Stalward Ltd Ties. Each tie is hand-made by a family owned company in Chicago with a material that rare, producing a line of limited edition ties. Stalward Ltd Ties are handcrafted just for your taste and other people’s jealousy.