• Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done Notebooks

    Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done Notebooks

    When you have a load of tasks to complete for your boss at the office or at home, it’s best to start a list and get organized. And what better place to jot your to-dos than the Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done Notebook. This handy little notebook is the perfect companion for anyone with a lot of chores, errands or activities on their plate. Its size also makes it easy to carry in your bag or back pocket as …cotinue reading

  • Sidekick Notebook

    Sidekick Notebook

    We’re suckers for fun functionality here at GearCulture HQ, and what better epitomizes that than a notebook that wraps around the corner of your keyboard? The Sidekick Notebook is an ingenious reimagining of a writing pad, its angled spine allowing it to unfold into an L-shape for some added quirky convenience enabling you to easily jot down notes or sketches while you’re online or even reading a book.

  • James Field Notes

    James Field Notes

    Get your pens and pencils to the ready for the awesome limited edition run of James Field Notes. Each set contains three 52-page, U.S.-designed and made grid-style notebooks in three colorways: Steel Gray, Walnut and Electric Moss, and each uber-cool offering is hand numbered and limited to two per customer.

  • Nomodo Trio

    Nomodo Trio

    Don’t waste precious desk time topping up or replacing stale drinks thanks to the awesome Nomodo Trio. Not only does this unique device afford a Qi charging station to keep your devices wirelessly juiced, but a clever mat upon which to store your beverage to either keep your coffee steaming or those ice cubes chilled.

  • HP Sprocket Photo Printer

    HP Sprocket Photo Printer

    For all the wonders of the digital age, you still can’t beat holding a real-life photograph and the HP Sprocket Photo Printer allows you to enjoy them on the move. The portable printer is about the size and weight of a smartphone and fires off 2×3-inch snapshots and stickers wirelessly at whim.

  • Spell Timeline Wall Desk

    Spell Timeline Wall Desk

    We’re loving the space-saving minimalist Dutch design of the Spell Timeline Wall Desk. The practical, wall-mounted platform, forged from sustainable solid oak and powdercoat steel, features well thought-out functional features such as a clip-bar to tidy up documents and devices and an opening in the middle for cables. It can also be affixed to legs.