• Maram Mesa 57 Desk

    Maram Mesa 57 Desk

    An office desk that marries classic materials and style with modern conveniences. Maram’s Mesa 57 is a wooden flat-pack desk that’s made of Victorian ash. But inside its mid-century design is a four-port power strip that’s hidden in a compartment in the rear of the desk. The power strip also has a USB-A and a USB-C charging port. The desk also has a spacious yet discreet cable container. You have the option to add a pair of magnetic hooks, a …cotinue reading

  • Milanote


    Milanote is a note-taking and list app for iOS and MacOS devices. Unlike its competitors such as Evernote, which encourage you to separate and compartmentalize the clippings you save, Milanote takes the mood board approach. You can place your notes, lists or tasks side-by-side on one infinite canvas. It supports a ton of file types, from text, image and design files to videos, spreadsheets and even HTML. Try it out for free today.

  • Daytripper Laser Tripwire

    Daytripper Laser Tripwire

    Working on something super secret? Or maybe you’re not working at all. Either way, the Daytripper has your back. It consists of a USB receiver that you plug in to your computer and a transmitter that detects movement from up to 4ft. away. When it senses movement, the Daytripper automatically minimizes all open windows. You can also set it to lock your PC or, if you’ve got the skills, execute a custom script. It’s available as a kit or fully …cotinue reading

  • ElevationShelf


    Elevation Lab’s ElevationShelf helps keep your desk tidy while storing your essentials within reach. It attaches to the underside of your desk via the included 3M adhesives. It also comes with wood screws for a more permanent setup. It has a hole in the back for cables and comes with a stick-on cable management clip, so you can also use the shelf as a handy spot to charge or connect peripherals.

  • GAZEPAD Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Mat

    GAZEPAD Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Mat

    Fashioned from impressive PU leather, with a non-slip, skid-free surface, the GAZEPAD Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Mat incorporates 3-Coil technology–in place of the more usual one coil–for a more expansive charging zone with space to replenish several devices at once. Get it in black, gray, brown or midnight blue.

  • Grovemade Extra Large Desk Pad

    Grovemade Extra Large Desk Pad

    Fashioned from luxurious merino wool felt, the Grovemade Extra Large Desk Pad offers handsome protection to your desktop, with a large enough surface area to cradle everything from pen to plant pots, while absorbing the condensation from sweaty cups. Having a visual border can also help tidy both your mind and your workspace, and it arrives in a choice of light or dark gray.

  • Word Notebook

    Word Notebook

    They say never judge a book by its cover, but these handy little pocket pads are as useful as they are cool. The Word Notebook incorporates its very own bullet-point system to enable easy and efficient note making that will ensure you’ll never miss an appointment, date or deadline again. Choose from a range of stylish covers and keep your life well and truly in order.

  • ProBASE X Aluminum Monitor Stand

    ProBASE X Aluminum Monitor Stand

    A jazzy desktop accessory that’s also highly functional. The ProBASE X Aluminum Monitor Stand not only lifts your computer screen to a more comfortable viewing height, but comes equipped with USB charging ports, SD and MicroSD card readers and a storage drawer. Wait, there’s more–it boasts Instant Gigabit-Speed Ethernet Connectivity, too!