• Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses

    Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses

    Enhance your drinking experience with the Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses. These large, stemless Cognac glasses combine function with style, specifically designed to enhance the deep color, movement, bouquet, temperature, and volume of the amber liquid.

  • Levitating Cup

    Levitating Cup

    There’s a danger you won’t be able to concentrate on any tasks at hand, so mesmerizing is this Levitating Cup. Entertain guests–and yourself–thanks to this gravity-defying vessel that hovers above a wireless chargeable bass. And don’t worry should you forget to charge (though you shouldn’t, it lasts for up to 10 hours)–the cup’s made from shatterproof faux-glass.

  • Titanium Straw

    Titanium Straw

    It doesn’t matter who you are, but you cannot look cool drinking from a straw. That is unless you’re drinking from the Titanium Straw. Easily the most awesome straw ever, the Chuck Norris of all straws is made of food grade titanium, which is tasteless, odorless, does not corrode, is non-allergic, and has very low thermal conductivity. And with its lightweight and super strong construction, you can just stab right into juice boxes or fruits you want to drink.

  • Fermented Reality B Cups

    Fermented Reality B Cups

    A title sure to grab your attention, Fermented Reality B Cups are a range of drinking vessels designed to enhance your beer-drinking experience. Riffing on a traditional design, with plenty of room for plenty of head, they are dishwasher safe, free of BPA, shatterproof and waiting to party, so chuck out those unsightly red cups and add a little style to the proceedings instead.

  • JoyJolt Carre Square Scotch Glasses

    JoyJolt Carre Square Scotch Glasses

    You’ll love these JoyJolt Carre Square Scotch Glasses. They have a beautiful modern square design and are handmade by expert artisans. These are glasses that will impress with every sip you take. These glasses are sturdy and strong enough to be used as bar glasses or just for your own enjoyment in your living room. They even come in an embossed magnetic closure gift box, so you can give them as gifts that the recipient will never forget. Savor your …cotinue reading

  • BenShot Bulletproof Glasses

    BenShot Bulletproof Glasses

    Without doubt, the coolest whiskey tumbler we’ve ever encountered, the BenShot Bulletproof Glass is frozen, almost mid-death, with a solid copper projectile penetrating its side. The handmade in the USA pieces have an 11oz. capacity minus a few drops owing to the real bullet (minus the lead!) bulging through its wall. It’ll bend your mind nearly as much as the bullet’s bending the glass.