• Chemisty of Whiskey Glass Set

    Chemisty of Whiskey Glass Set

    Anything with whiskey in the title automatically attracts the attention of the GearCulture office, and the Chemistry of Whiskey Glass Set sure held in too. A thoughtful thought-provoking gift idea, the handmade vessels are adorned with atomic designs inspired by the molecules that make up the likes of scotch, bourbon, and rye.

  • City Map Glass

    City Map Glass

    Raise a toast to your home or favorite town with a City Map Glass. Created by Boston-based designer Brian Johnson, each piece is made and etched in the U.S.A., sporting detailed city grids of America’s most legendary metropolises. All are finished with street names and labels of the biggest urban tourist attractions.

  • Norlan Whiskey Glass Black Edition

    Norlan Whiskey Glass Black Edition

    Beautifully designed, the Norlan Whiskey Glass Black Edition will elevate your experience of drinking your favorite whiskey. The hand-blown borosilicate glass with a matte black exterior finish conceals the outer wall, while the inner wall reveals the goodness inside. These glasses not only look amazing, they also enhance your whiskey’s taste and aroma through the pure shape. The inner walls of the glass close as they rise and then flare out again and the height and diameter of the smallest …cotinue reading

  • Nisnas Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler

    Nisnas Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler

    Treat your aged scotch or bourbon–not to mention your senses–with the respect they deserve with a Nisnas Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler. The wonderful keepsakes, crafted from oak finished with a proprietary honey wax nestled above a stainless-steel base, are shaped by hand to accentuate both taste and aroma, and, just like your tipple, promise to age with dignity.

  • YETI Rambler Mug

    YETI Rambler Mug

    Another super durable offering, the YETI Rambler Mug is a double-wall vacuum insulated vessel that will keep your joe steaming forever. Well, not quite ever, but close enough. The stainless steel construction has a DuraCoat finish to prevent sweating, it’s dishwasher safe and sports a large, comfortable handle. Five colors available.

  • Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses

    Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses

    Enhance your drinking experience with the Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses. These large, stemless Cognac glasses combine function with style, specifically designed to enhance the deep color, movement, bouquet, temperature, and volume of the amber liquid.

  • Levitating Cup

    Levitating Cup

    There’s a danger you won’t be able to concentrate on any tasks at hand, so mesmerizing is this Levitating Cup. Entertain guests–and yourself–thanks to this gravity-defying vessel that hovers above a wireless chargeable bass. And don’t worry should you forget to charge (though you shouldn’t, it lasts for up to 10 hours)–the cup’s made from shatterproof faux-glass.

  • Titanium Straw

    Titanium Straw

    It doesn’t matter who you are, but you cannot look cool drinking from a straw. That is unless you’re drinking from the Titanium Straw. Easily the most awesome straw ever, the Chuck Norris of all straws is made of food grade titanium, which is tasteless, odorless, does not corrode, is non-allergic, and has very low thermal conductivity. And with its lightweight and super strong construction, you can just stab right into juice boxes or fruits you want to drink.