• Pelican Air Case Luggage

    Pelican Air Case Luggage

    Pelican’s Air Cases are designed to protect vital equipment while being light enough too carry on planes. Pelican shaved off weight by using a new material and using designs that are hollow yet preserve durability. All Air Cases are drop-tested from all sides from up to 6ft up, and remain watertight for 20 minutes under 3ft of water. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

  • Bundl Heated Sleeping Bag

    Bundl Heated Sleeping Bag

    Bundl’s debut product aims to eliminate the need to buy different sleeping bags for different temperatures. It has three carbon fiber heating panels – one each for the chest, legs, and feet – that are lightweight, energy efficient, and can be individually adjusted. You can use its app to maintain specific temperatures for each panel. Its battery lasts for several nights and also has USB charging ports. 

  • HP Elite Dragonfly Laptop

    HP Elite Dragonfly Laptop

    The Elite Dragonfly gets its name from its weight – a mere 2.2lb. For comparison, the MacBook Air weighs 2.75lb. HP achieved this astounding weight reduction using a magnesium alloy chassis. But it’s not light on features. It’s actually a 2-in-1 device, meaning its hinge allows it to be used in tablet and tent modes. You also have the option of getting its 13.3″ touchscreen display as an HDR-enabled 1080p screen with a crazy 1,000 nit peak brightness rating. It …cotinue reading

  • Microsoft Surface Neo

    Microsoft Surface Neo

    The next step for laptop-tablet hybrids. The Surface Neo weighs under 1.5lb and has two 9″ touch displays connected by a hinge. The displays can be used separately or as a single 13″ screen. The device will come with a stylus that attaches magnetically to its back. It also has a wireless keyboard that can be attached over one of its screens. It will run on Windows 10X, a variant of Windows 10 that will allow the device to run …cotinue reading

  • Smartish iPhone 11 Collection

    Smartish iPhone 11 Collection

    Streamline your life with an offering from the Smartish iPhone 11 Collection. These well priced, well named, well-made cases combine strength and convenience, boasting features such as protective air pockets to further protect your phone from drops, borders with grooved sides for a “Kung Fu” grip, card slots and even a carry strap.

  • myCharge Camping Lantern

    myCharge Camping Lantern

    We love a good outdoors gadget nearly as much as we love the outdoors, and the myCharge Camping Lantern ticks a bounty of backcountry boxes. The high-powered LED camp light features four settings–including an SOS flash–backed by a dual USB port for super-fast charging. The two-in-one power bank and lantern is good for up to 40 hours of illumination.

  • GroveMade Pen

    GroveMade Pen

    It’s taken an astonishing four years for this firm to fashion their first pen, but it was well worth the wait. Like all of their products, the GroveMade Pen is an exquisitely crafted piece, forged from solid metal for ideal weight and balance with an ink cartridge that satisfyingly pops with a twist of the top. Mightier than the sword, indeed.

  • Case Mate iPhone 11 Collection

    Case Mate iPhone 11 Collection

    There’s a pattern or solid color for every Apple customer in the sprawling Case Mate iPhone 11 Collection, including neon, tie-die, crystal or speckled. These tough phone cases offer 10-foot drop protection and wireless charging compatibility, while at the higher price point the wonderful leather wallet-combo arrives with an incorporated stand and space for three cards.