• Maram Mesa 57 Desk

    Maram Mesa 57 Desk

    An office desk that marries classic materials and style with modern conveniences. Maram’s Mesa 57 is a wooden flat-pack desk that’s made of Victorian ash. But inside its mid-century design is a four-port power strip that’s hidden in a compartment in the rear of the desk. The power strip also has a USB-A and a USB-C charging port. The desk also has a spacious yet discreet cable container. You have the option to add a pair of magnetic hooks, a …cotinue reading

  • Milanote


    Milanote is a note-taking and list app for iOS and MacOS devices. Unlike its competitors such as Evernote, which encourage you to separate and compartmentalize the clippings you save, Milanote takes the mood board approach. You can place your notes, lists or tasks side-by-side on one infinite canvas. It supports a ton of file types, from text, image and design files to videos, spreadsheets and even HTML. Try it out for free today.

  • LEGO Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

    LEGO Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

    Harley-Davidson’s legendary motorcycle is now available as a LEGO set. The LEGO Creator Expert 10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy lets you build the iconic bike as a 7″x 7″x 12″ model. It consists of 1,023 pieces, including moveable pistons, handlebar and kickstand. The highly detailed model also features miniature versions of the Harley-Davidson logo.

  • BioLite Prep Kits

    BioLite Prep Kits

    Be prepared for emergencies while saving money with BioLite’s new preparedness bundles. Available in Solo, Apartment and Family variants, each Prep Kit includes at least one solar-powered light, a headlamp, a power bank and a LifeStraw instant water filtering straw.¬†

  • MageDok Portable Monitor

    MageDok Portable Monitor

    The MageDok is a portable monitor that caters to a variety of needs. The MageDok 13 sports a 13.3″ 1440p touchscreen display. The MageDok 15 has a 15.6″ 1080p display that has a 144Hz refresh rate, making it perfect for gaming. Finally, the MageDok 17 has a 17.3″ 1440p display. All three displays connect via USB-C or mini-HDMI. They also have two mini-USB ports to connect peripherals.

  • GPCA Carabiner

    GPCA Carabiner

    GPCA’s heavy duty carabiner also packs a handful of commonly used tools, including a box cutter, a Philips and a flat head screwdriver, a pry tool and a bottle opener. It can carry up to 480lb and comes in titanium, stainless steel or aluminum.

  • Oru Inlet Kayak

    Oru Inlet Kayak

    Oru has made a name for itself making light and foldable kayaks. The Inlet is the company taking these qualities to the extreme. It’s Oru’s lightest, most packable and most affordable kayak yet. When folded, it’s small enough to pack in a trunk or even check in on a plane. It weighs only 20lb, and can be assembled in less than 5 minutes.

  • Remote Projects Utility Blanket

    Remote Projects Utility Blanket

    A handsome, rugged and versatile outdoor blanket. Remote Projects’ 75″x 53″ Utility Blanket is made of waxed sailcloth, making it foldable, water-resistant and extremely durable. Use it as a picnic blanket, a tarp, and more. It will acquire creases and patterns with age. It comes in two colors.

  • Klip Titanium Knife & Hook

    Klip Titanium Knife & Hook

    An EDC tool for folks who carry a lot of keys, need a knife at the ready, or both. Dapper Designs’ Klip combines a pocket knife with a suspension hook. Use it to comfortably carry numerous keys at once, and have a fold-out knife whenever you need it. The knife can be deployed even while the Klip is still attached to your keyring. It’s made out of Grade 5 titanium.

  • Alienware 55″ OLED Gaming Monitor

    Alienware 55″ OLED Gaming Monitor

    Okay, it’s a TV. It even comes with a remote! That aside, Alienware’s upcoming¬†AW5520QF is a couch gamer’s dream TV. It has a 4K OLED screen, so you get natural blacks and vibrant and punchy colors. But what it has that other OLED TVs don’t have is a 120Hz refresh rate, a 0.5ms response time and FreeSync for tear-free graphics. It has a DisplayPort, three HDMI 2.0 ports and four USB ports. It also has a covered area at the …cotinue reading